Top 10 Kokoist Colors Must-Haves!

Top 10 Kokoist Colors Must-Haves!

Paola PonceMay 05, 2022

I think that one of the most popular questions I personally get asked the most as it pertains to Kokoist is… What are some of your favorite colors? And so I thought, surely this would be super beneficial to put into a video today for you.


Now of course everyone has different tastes, but I’m going to give you not only the ones that I think are super beautiful, but also what I found to be super popular among recommendations from my community.


And we could have easily made a list of top 20 by the time I was done compiling all of my personal and community’s faves.


So today I will be sharing with you the top 10 Kokoist must-have colors!


It’s a fun one, let’s begin.


Now, let’s just get out of the way the 3 colors you SHOULD automatically own from Kokoist, this way we don’t take away from our shining top 10.


In your arsenal of colors you should have black, white, and a classic red. 


Now I’ll have you know that Kokoist has 2 sets of black and white…E1 Maxi White and E2 Maxi Black, and E56 Bluey White and E148 Blackest Black. 


Their use is different, not their tone. Like one black is not a different shade of black than the other.


For solid color nails use Maxi White & Black, for detail and line work use Bluey White and Blackest Black. If you use Bluey White & Blackest Black to fully paint the nails there may be a risk of undercuring and shrinkage, as these are very pigmented.


The third color in your arsenal other than black and white, should be a classic red, and this would be color #5 Rouge Red in the Kokoist Line.


Alright, so now that we got those essentials out of the way, it’s time to dive into those colors that will hardly collect dust in your studio, as I could almost guarantee you that they will be used all of the time. So get excited for the top 10 reveal! ‘Cause for some reason, even though I know what the colors are, I really am!


Let’s begin with the reds,


#1 Summer Red E69



This opaque red has just the right amount of orange to truly make it a summer option, but frankly I wear this for any season. Something about adding orange to a red makes it compliment any skin tone.


Fun fact, years ago I truly believed I was not made to wear red, I frankly hated it. Until I tried a red orange. It totally changed my mind.


Now if you want your orange just a tad more vibrant I recommend you try the Nail Thoughts version under the name “My Favorite Red”. Super super fun I cannot recommend enough.


#2  Midnight Burgundy E219


This is an opaque dark plummy, bloody red, from the Midnight Collection. Obviously great for fall and winter, but hey, no rules here, wear it whenever. I personally think it is a beautiful evening color. Like it almost speaks to me “Take Me Out To Dinner Please!”.


When the new Adele album released, and specifically the new single “Easy On Me”, I was like… press pause… that color right there, we need that color, and so I perused my Kokoist Collection, to find a near exact match with Midnight Burgundy. The compliments I received were many, and of course the question of, “What color is that?” was a popular once I photogaphed it and wore it for about two weeks. So if you’re looking for that Adele-approved perfect plummy bloody red, look no further then Midnight Burgundy E219, a must for a dark red in your collection.


#3 Rouge Micro Glitter E85


Like how do we even operate a nail business without glitter colors, and specifically a red glitter. A total must-have, especially for those clients who are a bit intimidated by nail art, but that in the month of December want something low commitment, but extremely fun. I’m telling you… this is colors is it.


True story, I used to hide this one off of my color swatches as I knew clients would want nothing else. If they weren’t sure about their color I would casually bring it out of my drawer and say, what about this? I don’t know if this was mean or clever, but it worked either way.


#4 Boysen Berry Candy E175


Your new favorite sheer lilac nude without the commitment of wearing a blue tone color. Blue undertones in a color can make our veins standout, rather than our 10 little canvases. It’s a little more mauve than lilac. Sure to become a customer favorite.


#5 Nudist Beach E78

A sheer nude with a taupe tint to it. Now if you look closely. There is the tiniest amount of iridescent glitter in this nude. Super low commitment on the glitter I promise. 


#6 Rose Tea Toffy E171

Warm beigy-pink. The perfect base for a gradation or french tip. But even just on its own it is gorgeous. 


#7 Lychee Nude E199

This one is a classic. It’s not white, neither is it beige. It’s more of a sandy pebbly, slightly grayish, sheer color. This is the basic color to create a blonde tortoise look. This is also the color I would use if my favorite sheer white (we’ll talk about that one next) was just a tiny bit too stand out and I wanted something just a little bit more muted. It’s very neutral, not pink, not beige, and not white. It is super versatile for nail art but of course also great on its own.


#8 White Gradation E91

Ok, we are here! I believe if my memory serves me correctly, Koko told me this color sells 3 times more than any Kokoist color in Japan. Uhm, sign me up but tell me more! I got you.


Of course, you can wear it solid. But, that’s obvious, it will make its way into a job interview, or an engagement or wedding shoot easily on its own.


But this color is extra special in Japanese Nail Art. It is the white for your ombre’s, and marbling designs, blend it into your stone marbling designs with Art Clear Zero or alcohol, for a layered and dimensional look. Just… listen, just add-to-cart next on your next Kokoist Nail Haul.


#9 Peach Concealer E251

Ok, we can seriously go on and on about the variety of sheer Kokoist Offers. There isn’t a bad one, you (or your clients) just have to find your go-to, and I believe we have a steady list above.


Now let’s talk nudes, but full coverage. Wait. Does that even make sense?


Well actually, Kokoist made sense of this with their Concealer Series. Concealer! Perfect terminology, I know!


And Peach Concealer is a must-have. A full coverage peachy true beige. I can’t say any more. But if you want a variable of this one. Do check out others in the concealer series, numbers ranging from E-249-254


#10 Amber Micro Glitter E83

I am shocked that this color does not get all the photo recognitions it deserves. It is a little bit of a rosy champagne. And along With that red Rouge Micro Glitter we spoke about earlier. This one is such a client favorite especially the last 2 weeks of December, as New Year's approaches. This is another one clients forced me to hide from them.


You see, come New Year’s Eve, I want to create all of the bling-y shiny stuff I possibly can, and my client… just wants Amber Micro Glitter… but that’s only if she sees it! (lol)


Ok, this list was difficult, you don’t even know how often I had to trim it down. Maybe we should have a part 2 of Kokoist Color Faves? What do you think? Let me know down in the comments section.


Thank you so much for hanging out with me to chat about my top 10 Kokoist must-have colors. 


Stick around for our next video, otherwise we’ll see you next week, same time, same place. Don’t forget to checkout the description box below for any class happenings and current promo codes. Thanks again, and bye for now.



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