How To Get A Proper Cure With Each Japanese Gel Manicure

How To Get A Proper Cure With Each Japanese Gel Manicure

Paola PonceSeptember 01, 2022

One of the most inconspicuous ways to end up with gel nails that don’t last very long at all, is by not giving them a proper cure.

In today’s video we’ll be going over 5 key points to never neglect, in order to give your Japanese Gel Nails a proper cure.

Let’s begin.

Hey there and welcome back, my name is Paola of Paola Ponce Nails, and I am a Kokoist USA educator. Kokoist Gel is soak-off, made in Japan and can be used for all of your gel nail services from gel manicures, structures and even free form extensions. If you would like to continue learning with us, then do consider subscribing.

Now back to today’s topic.

Curing gel nails may seem like a no-brainer thing to do, just stick your hand in the lamp, and they're done right? Not quite.

Proper Curing Tip #1: Proper hand placement

Yes! There is such a thing! The correct placement of your hand in the curing unit, is not just over the indents of the tray of your lamp. That is a good first step. However, what if you don’t have markers on your lamp tray?

The correct placement of your hand in the curing unit is palm flat, fingers slightly spread.

Proper Curing Tip #2: Thin color gel coats

Seldomly will you have issues by applying a clear gel too thick.

But when applying gel color, the rule of thumb is two thin gel coats for true color coverage.

If you’re working with potted gel color, that may not be too hard to achieve as the brush you use to pick up color will not have existing residue, but when working with a bottle you will have to clear off all of the excess from off of the stem and ideally one side of the brush for maximum control.

After that, remember two thin coats, curing in between.

Proper Curing Tip #3: Correct curing time

Each manufacturer will have their prescribed curing time per gel, but let's say you’re being a little bit naughty and you’re using a gel and a lamp from two different companies. Well then the “universal curing times'' apply.

Meaning, 30 secs for base gels or colors and 60 seconds for builders, top gels, or specialty formulas (meaning anything not in these categories that we just mentioned).

Proper Curing Tip #4: Check your bulbs

Most of us are no longer using replaceable UV bulbs, but that doesn't mean that once in a while you shouldn’t turn your lamp around and see how things are literally looking.

You may find that a couple of bulbs have cured gel on them because of the times your clients nick the nails before they start curing.

Or you may even find that a few of your bulbs have gone out, and that may have been the culprit for service breakdowns all this time. Who knew, right?

Proper Curing Tip #5: Buy the best unit you can afford

Very often I get asked, “Paola, what is the best curing unit that you recommend?” My answer? The one that the manufacturer assigned to cure with their gels.

I know, I know, not the answer you want to hear, but improper curing of nail gel is one of the most possible ways to become allergic to the products you use. So, this really is for the health and benefit of you and your client.

I will offer a few other suggestions like buying the curing unit of the products you use the most, or simply buying the best curing unit that you can afford, from brands in the industry who have manufactured gel for years.

And may I suggest either one of the Kokoist Curing Units.

Kokoist units are manufactured in Taiwan, where quality manufacturing of electronics is similar in quality to Japan’s!

Kokoist selects only the highest quality bulbs when working with their lamp’s manufacturer. 

The bulbs and parts are durable and long lasting making them ideal for professionals. So while Kokoist curing units may be a bit premium priced if you’re DIY, Consider the peace of mind you’ll also be purchasing at the time of purchasing a Kokoist Curing unit.

Kokoist offers two curing units.

The Infinity Lamp is the corded option from Kokoist, and the Le Blanc (which we have coined the Rolls-Royce of the industry) is the lamp that can go completely cordless for hours of use.

Let’s recap our proper curing tips:

Proper Curing Tip #1 Proper hand placement

Proper Curing Tip #2 Thin color gel coats.

Proper Curing Tip #3 Correct curing time

Proper Curing Tip #4 Check your bulbs

Proper Curing Tip #5 Buy the best unit you can afford

Do check out the description box below, for any current promo codes and other resources. Thank you for joining us, and we hope to see you again next week. Bye for now.


Paola Ponce is an independent nail educator helping the Japanese gel nail niche and its nail stylists grow! You can follow more of her work at and @paolaponcenails on Instagram. Save 10% on your Kokoist Products & support Paola’s work with affiliate code PPN10.


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