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Nail thoughts Brushes

"I have always been a fan of everything Kokoist, but ESPECIALLY their brushes. One of the most difficult things for me at the beginning of my career was finding nail brushes that would not fall apart, that would last me a long time, and obviously do a great job. And ever since I found Kokoist brushes, I finally stopped searching. So I knew if I were ever to make a brush kit, it would have to be with these brushes. These are high quality, cruelty-free brushes that are handcrafted in *KUMANO, Hiroshima, Japan and each come with a certificate number.  They are made from a *solvent resistant *PBT fiber which allows for a seriously smooth gel application that I think you will all LOVE. I hope you enjoy it. “

Xo, Katie Masters aka @nailthoughts  

*Kumano, Japan is world famous for its 160 year brush making history.  The quality of each brush showcases Japan's traditional craftsmanship and global brand power.

Certificate number: Each brush comes with its own Kumanofude certificate number.

Solvent resistant: examples of solvents include normal gel ingredients, and means the brush can withstand the repeated exposure to them.

PBT fiber: Aka Polybutylene terephthalate, a synthetic fiber that mirrors some characteristics of nylon that allows for a smooth gel application.



“Use this brush for smooth and streak free application of your potted gel colors.” -Katie


“Use this brush for smooshing all of your abstract blobs down, to smear your marble lines, or just filling in color! Get creative” -Katie


“Use this brush to create thin outlines around your smooshes, adding dots or lines, or any other details your heart desires!” -Katie