Platinum Filler Base 15ml


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New release ofĀ a base gel specialized for fill-ins!

Powerful adhesiveness and maximum durability!

This base gel lies between "Platinum Bond Duo" and "Bonding Duo in Bottle"

With moderate thickness and adequate hardness, it is perfect for buildingĀ structured manicuresĀ as well as nail extensions.

*Containing Platinum Nanocolloid for antibacterial effect.*

Clear Base/Base Builder Gel

Type:Ā Semi-Hard (Slightly hardļ¼‰

Curing Time:Ā LED: 20s-40s / UV: 60s-120sĀ 

Soak Off Time:Ā 10-15 min

Sanding:Ā OptionalĀ 

Size of the Bottle:Ā 15 ml