OL Oval Long Gelip Starter Kit


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KOKOIST Gelip Starter Kit includes:

  • 300 pieces of assorted variety: Oval Long¬†

  • Emery Board¬†
  • Sponge Buffer¬†
  • Brown Moon File¬†
  • Green Moon File¬†
  • Gelip Bond 15ml
  • Gelip Mochi Bond 4g (NEW)¬†
  • Ultra Glossy Non Wipe Top Coat 15ml
  • Free Gift *Subject to Availability¬†


KOKOIST Gelip is specially formulated to provide a comfortable lightweight nail enhancement in a fast and easy-to-use format without sacrificing quality.

What is Gelip ABS?
Our Gelip tips utilize premium ABS material, known for its superior resistance to alcohol and other harsh chemicals compared to standard ABS, which may crack or melt when exposed.

Gelip ABS allows for a perfect marriage between the natural nail, our base gels, and the Gelips, giving you a flawless extension every time. The ABS material is flexible for a more comfortable fit (no more pinching at the sidewalls!) while retaining its shape. The Gelip Extension System is designed to accommodate any nail type, from high to flat nail beds.

ABS is a special plastic made with rubber components mixed in. Before this ABS is cured and hardened, it has a similar look and state as a gel. This ingredient allows for the tips to be softer and more flexible, allowing for a soft gel-like tip perfect for natural feeling extensions.