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North America

Gellipop (California)

Nails R Us (California)

Michy's Nail Supply (California)

Gemini Cosmetics (Nevada)

The Essential Nail Supply (Utah)

Hotlines Beauty (Utah)

Banana Nail Supply (Illinois)

Elite Nail Supply (Michigan)

Pro Nail Supply* (Texas)

South Tex Beauty Supply (Texas)

Nail Art House (Texas)

NailMasterDallas (Texas)

Gel Essentialz (Rhode Island)

Nail Mart USA (New York)

Luxury Nail Shop (Puerto Rico)


United Kingdom

TAFS Products LTD



TAT Canada

TAT Toronto

Kioko Nail Supply

Nail Tech Social Club & Supply

Sweetie Nail Supply

Classique Nails Beauty Supply



Bee Lady Nails & Goods


New Zealand

Beauty Bestie LTD


South America

Essentia Marketing & Distribution (Trinidad and Tobago)