NT-14 Pool Float


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Nail Thoughts Volume 1 Gel Collection

This color is a sheer milky sky blue. This is great for a solid color jelly manicure, ocean designs, marble designs, abstract watercolor washes, whatever you need it to be! You can layer it on top of other sheers to create a whole new color. The possibilities are endless with sheer colors. I promise, having only a few sheer colors in your collection can create over double the amount of color possibilities due to just layering them together in different combinations. I swear you can create your own whole color collection just from layering what you have! There are no rules in art!



This color name is inspired by the calmness and lightness you feel when just simply floating in water. Just letting the water take you where it wants and letting go of the control to strictly relax.


10g / 0.34 fl oz