NT-09 My Favorite Red


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Nail Thoughts Volume 1 Gel Collection

A bright and pigmented orange-y toned red. Let the name speak for itself. Everyone needs THAT red in their collection. If I learned anything from my early salon years, it was that people are very picky about their reds and no red is created equal. Let this red be your universal warm toned red. This is not your cooler and bluey toned red. This is the red people will see from a mile away and need to compliment you on. This is the powerful red that your clients might be tempted to do a few times in a row. This is the red that needs to be on your hands on vacation, but also when you achieve a giant work goal. This, is My Favorite Red.

This color name is inspired by the perfect red. That red lipstick you slap on as a pick me up, a red power suit you buy just because, and even those red nails you wear for a night out. The color that will always make you feel powerful no matter where you are.


10g / 0.34 fl oz