NT-07 Spritzer


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Nail Thoughts Volume 1 Gel Collection

A sheer watercolor reddish pink. Sheer colors are SO important to have in your collection because of the layering possibilities. Stop running away from sheer colors! This color can do so many things for you. Spritzer can be used for a solid color jelly nail manicure, it can be used for abstract watercolor washes, you can layer this over (or under) other sheers like Overcast,  or your Tinted base coats. Check out the photos below to see how to implement this color into your rose quartz design! I promise, having only a few sheer colors in your collection can create over double the amount of color possibilities due to just layering them together in different combinations. I swear you can create your own whole color collection just from layering what you have! There are no rules in art!

This color name is inspired by that first sip feeling of whatever refreshing beverage you are having on a relaxing Sunday. No work, no stress, just you and your favorite drink. A precious moment.


10g / 0.34 fl oz