NT-06 Rose Quartz


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Nail Thoughts Volume 1 Gel Collection

A milky sheer pink. Any type of sheer pink is so important to have in your starter collection. You can use it as a solid color manicure to give the nails a nice natural glassy look, you can use it as your base for French tip manicures, and hey, as the name says, this is the PERFECT sheer pink gel color for your rose quartz nail designs. Sheer milky colors like this are so necessary because of how versatile they can be with so many designs. The possibilities are endless with all of the designs and layering options. This pink has a slightly more warm undertone.

This color name is inspired by the magic crystal of universal love and harmony, rose quartz. This crystal is known for its ability to open the heart and promote love, friendship, and feelings of peace.


10g / 0.34 fl oz