Liquid Mirror Set

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Chrome meets liquid in a completely new format! The Liquid Mirror is a dust-free evolutionary formula that when rubbed in, leaves behind a beautiful chrome effect on the nail. Depending on your base color, the Liquid Mirror will add a different nuance to your set by changing the atmosphere of your nail. 

Easy Way to Chrome: No need to hassle with figuring out the right curing time. Apply and fully cure a non-wipe top coat (we recommend a soft-type gel like the Ultra Glossy Non-Wipe Top Coat!). Apply the Liquid Mirror to the nail and immediately rub in using a cushion sponge. Repeat 2-3 times to the desired effect. Seal with a top coat to finish and admire your beautiful manicure.  Recommended: Please shake well before use. 

Mess-Free Application: Since there is no powder, desk clean-up time is eliminated. The Liquid Mirror’s technology allows the particles to evaporate on the nail, leaving behind a chrome finish when rubbed in. 

More Chip Resistant: Unlike most chromes that are tricky to keep intact and chip almost instantly, the Liquid Mirror is less prone to these incidents when applied properly!

The Liquid Mirror Set comes in the following shades:

Not suitable for detailed chrome designs. 

Size of Bottle: 5ml x 6