Down Under Planet U-02 Star Desert


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Drawing inspiration from the planetary landscapes of the cosmos, we welcome you to delve into the rich earthy tones with us through our collection of five captivating gels. The Down Under Planet series offers a versatile color palette suitable for all seasons, perfect for creating sophisticated nail styles.

Experience a mesmerizing 5D effect by envisioning the universe with delicate, shimmering white particles. This Planet Magnet series features a gentle texture with a touch of transparency. You can apply it as it is for a transparent look or layer it over a base color. The creative possibilities are endless! The intensity of the glitter effect varies based on the thickness of the gel application. The 5D Gel Magnet enables you to craft intricate three-dimensional designs for a chic crushed velvet appearance.

Down Under Planet Collection

Magnet Gel

Color: Dark Brown

Curing Time: LED : 30s /  UV: 60s

Pot Size: 2.5g 

**KOKOIST 5D Gel Magnet sold separately**