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It’s hard to build your gel collection. There are literally thousands of color choices to pick from and it gets so overwhelming so quickly. Then inevitably you find yourself just adding things to your cart hoping and praying that you made the right choices for your clients' needs. I don’t like that for us! Being a nail technician is already mentally, emotionally, and physically exhausting. We don’t need any added stress. This color collection was made to make things simple for us. These 17 colors and 3 Tinted Base Gels are some of the most popular client colors that I handpicked and customized based off of mine and so many other nail artist’s salon experiences to help create an easier and more accessible approach for my fellow nail techs! This collection with the Tinted Base Gels are made to be beautiful on their own, but also made to be layered with one another to create double the amount of colors from just one small collection of colors. There are no rules here, starting and adding to your gel collection should be easy and exciting! So please, make yourself at home and explore. Welcome to the Nail Thoughts x Kokoist Starter Kit, let’s escape into color together.


Xo, Katie Masters aka @nailthoughts  

Nail thoughts Brushes 

"I have always been a fan of everything Kokoist, but ESPECIALLY their brushes. One of the most difficult things for me at the beginning of my career was finding nail brushes that would not fall apart, that would last me a long time, and obviously do a great job. And ever since I found Kokoist brushes, I finally stopped searching. So I knew if I were ever to make a brush kit, it would have to be with these brushes. These are high-quality, cruelty-free brushes that are handcrafted in *KUMANO, Hiroshima, Japan and each comes with a certificate number.  They are made from a *solvent resistant *PBT fiber which allows for a seriously smooth gel application that I think you will all LOVE. I hope you enjoy it. “

Xo, Katie Masters aka @nailthoughts  

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