Nail Thoughts Color Gel Collection VOLUME 3

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Nail Thoughts Color Gel Collection VOLUME. 3

Includes 18 Color Gels: 

  • NT-37 Red Velvet
  • NT-38 Night Owl
  • NT-39 Cinnamon Sugar
  • NT-40 Twinkle Lights
  • NT-41 Work from home
  • NT-42 Honey Bun
  • NT-43 Frosted 
  • NT-44 Vintage Tee
  • NT-45 Daybreak
  • NT-46 Staycation
  • NT-47 Thai Tea
  • NT-48 Dulce de Leche
  • NT-49 Sherwood
  • NT-50 Lazy Day
  • NT-51 Dusk
  • NT-52 After Hours
  • NT-53 Earl Grey
  • NT-54 Coffee Run 


All of these gels are PURE gel, not a gel polish. These gel colors have no nail polish solvent present, which means:

  • They have no odor.
  • They last longer on yours and your clients nails.
  • Higher pigment level means a great one-coat pay off, and less wasting product.
  • They won’t dry up on you.

Cure in LED for 30 seconds and UV for 60 seconds.


10g / 0.34 fl oz each