NT-36 Intergalactic


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This is a shimmery/ glittery black gel nail color. This is the perfect color for those clients that love black nails but want to spice it up with some flair. Tiny pieces of very shiny silver glitter in this black create such an amazing backdrop for galaxy nails, a great neutral and fun solid manicure, and leaves you or your client with a gunmetal color vibe on your nails sparkling in the sun!

All of these gels are PURE gel, not a gel polish. These gel colors have no nail polish solvent present, which means:

  • They have no odor.
  • They last longer on yours and your clients nails.
  • Higher pigment level means a great one-coat pay off, and less wasting product.
  • They won’t dry up on you.

Cure in LED for 30 seconds and UV for 60 seconds.

10g / 0.34 fl oz