Medium Flat Brush


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The Medium Flat Brush is slightly wider and longer than the Flat Brush, giving a smooth and effortless application. This brush can save time as it covers more surface area. Made of PBT fiber. 


Each KOKOIST KUMANOFUDE brush is handcrafted by artisans in Kumano, Japan, the brush making capital of the world. The city has a rich history of traditional craftsmanship and is revered for its exceptional brush making techniques.

These craftsmen have refined and mastered the craft of producing handmade calligraphy tools for over 150 years so that you can have the smoothest and easiest gel application possible. Each brush comes with a certificate number to demonstrate its authenticity and quality.


To prolong the effectiveness and lifespan of brushes, take good care of them. Do not use acetone, and limit alcohol exposure, as it dries out the brushes. Always clean the gel from the brush with the next color you are about to use or the Brush Cleaning gel, and avoid exposing the brush to light or air with a cap.