Set of Brushes includes a KOKOIST Brush Case

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KOKOIST Gel Nail Brushes are made in Kumano, Hiroshima. Kumano region produces the most revered makeup brushes in the world. These high-quality brushes are used not only for painting but as cosmetic brushes as well. 

The quality of each brush showcases Japan's traditional craftsmanship.
Each brush is handcrafted and comes with a certificate number to demonstrate its authenticity and quality.

Set includes the following:

All brushes come with matching caps to protect them from dust and light except for the Wide Flat and Large Angular brushes.

Comes with a KOKOIST Brush Case.

To prolong the effectiveness and lifespan of brushes, take good care of them. Do not use acetone, and limit alcohol exposure, as it dries out the brushes. Always clean the gel from the brush with the next color you are about to use or the Brush Cleaning gel, and avoid exposing the brush to light or air with a cap.