Nail thoughts Summer Bundle


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This summer, we deserve all of the best vibes. And that starts with ours and our clients’ nails. Let’s take a moment to pause, and go back to the summer basics. I organized these 10 colors into a bundle to help package all of the magic of summer nostalgia into one easy bundle for you to enjoy. Here are the 10 colors in this bundle:

  • DESERT ROAD- An earthy brown shimmer.
  • ISLA VISTA- A creamy pastel coral.
  • PINK SAND- A baby pink shimmer.
  • POOL FLOAT- A milky sky blue.
  • SPRITZER- A deep magenta jelly color.
  • VENICE BEACH- A bright energetic pink.
  • WINDOW BREEZE- A creamy pastel baby blue.
  • DESERT DOOR- An energetic, bright orange.
  • FRESH SHEETS- A true white.
  • MY FAVORITE RED- The perfect orangey red.